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"Love and Love Only" is a Contemporary Love Story between an Indian International student and a working class Australian girl, set in Multicultural Australia.

Duration: 131 minutes                Original Language / Subtitles: English

​Audiences can BUY and STREAM the movie unlimited times on their Computers, Connected TVs, Smartphones or Tablets with a Good Internet Connection.

The music and songs for the movie is composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja, who is considered to be the most prolific film composer in the world, for having composed songs and scores for more than a 1000 feature films, in various Indian languages. However, "Love and Love Only" is his first ever solo feature film in English.

The Screenplay BOOK

LOVE is a universal feeling. Though the perception of Love differs across cultures, the deeper emotions and the need for love are universal throughout the human race. This story deals with those deeper needs and the effects of true love, from a cross-cultural perspective, that would appeal to a wider audience across various cultures.

Being the shooting script, the book version contains additional scenes, dialogues and information that are not present in the final movie.

You ask whether or not ‘this is something that the western audience would relate to’ given its cross-cultural aspects. My view is that there are only two kinds of movies: not cross-cultural romances and others but good movies and bad movies. Yours is clearly in the former category, and I say: Congratulations.

Richard Walter

Author, Educator, Screenwriter, Commentator, and Chairman of the University of California, Los Angeles graduate program in Screenwriting

The universal approach of this film, just like many other jewels of cinema, has the power of making us recall the essence of the depicted relationships and their meaning in real life. Love, oh, love. Only through the true love for the cinema, the love on the screen works as well. This time it has worked perfectly.

Galina Maksimovic


For those who love light-hearted meaningful romance, Love and Love only would be an enjoyable watch. If you are seeking a movie with some soul stirring music, then this is surely the movie for you. Cuddle up with a loved one, sip that warm coffee and soak yourself in this brilliant cross culture film that’s definitely worth a watch.

Ramya Abhinand

New Delhi, India

Such a nice movie.. Couldn't have asked for more. I liked the amazing musical score.. Not really surprised of that, when Raja sir is scoring it. Also that I liked the dialogues very much and the lead pair's performances. Kudos to u, Julian and ur team for making such a great movie and bringing Raja sir on-board.

Vignesh Narayanan


 "Nailed it" That's what I am able to say & absolute clean cut in Editing. I can't find any unwanted scenes or comedy in this movie Bcoz the comedy is naturally merged in your story You are an absolute sculptor; No words about Isaignani. He knows how to Penetrate our Backbone, Finally Congrats to your whole Cast & Crew ....Keep Sculpting

Balaji Sundaramurthy


Really inspiring!! not just this script bound with the power of love that's reminding us on what's the right thing to do but also what you have done Julian. You are setting an example for the future media entertainment. Many talk about but they don't make that ultimate decision that has to bear lots of compromises and challenges. But that's how we stand unique and make that first impression on many. Thanks for this wonderful movie. All the very best for your journey that just began :) (Our respects and admiration to Ilayaraja #Standing Tall)

Arun Jothi


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