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Running Time: 65 minutes
Price: Rs. 199 Only
(including postage and handling
anywhere within India)
No of Tracks: 21 
We will ship the CDs to you within 5 days of receiving the order.
Running Time: 65 minutes
Price: Rs. 99 Only
No of Tracks: 21

Suitable for all Android, Windows, iOS and other mobiles, tablets as well as Windows and MAC desktops.


Cost-effective as well as bandwidth effective, MP3 is the standard format for iTunes, Amazon, and other leading online music stores.

Our soundtrack album would be a thoughtful gift to spread our
Maestro's music to people who don't know him yet! 
If you would like to buy bigger quantities of our Audio CDs,
please 'Contact Us' for discounted shipping and special prices.

Price: Rs. 11.95


Size: 5 MB 


Price: Rs. 19.90 


Size: 25 MB


Running Time: 65 minutes


Price: Rs. 129 Only


No of Tracks: 21


FLAC - (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a high quality audio format that is similar to CD quality.


Choose this option for a rich, fuller musical experience, the way it is intended by the composer and the sound engineers.


The only limitation is the file size and the compatibility with some music players. Works well on desktops, and is supported by many hardware devices and software music players. 

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