"The cross-cultural observations are astute and often amusing and the whole script has the ring of truth"

                                                                                                                                                           ACME Films, Australia

"Love and Love Only" is NOW Released Worldwide Online

You can watch the "Movie + Bonus Contents" right here. 

You will be able to stream the movie on Connected TVs, Smartphones, Computers, Tablets and Casting devices like Chromecast from any country in the world.


Porchelvi, USA

The movie is very classic. After a long time watched a heart touching movie from a brother of my background in a foreign land. Rohit, you rock dear. You lived that character and Ms. Nicholas did a wonderful job, Isaignani's music as always was great, soothing and divine. I enjoyed each and every part and character of the movie.Hats off to Bro. Julian Karikalan. Keep rocking and good luck with the new distribution model.