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Film Review: "An Intricate Web and Gamut of Emotions and Relationships"

What happens when a rich Indian student in Australia, falls in love with an Australian girl, who is also crazily in love with him? Would the difference in culture bother him? Would he go against his parents’ wishes, or succumb to what they want for him? This weekend I watched a light romantic film titled Love & only Love. The movie beautifully portrayed a cross cultural romance between an Indian and an Australian.

Light Romantic Movie with Brilliant Music

Love & Love only is an English Language Australian film, directed by Indian-born Australian filmmaker Julian Karikalan. The movie stars Rohit Kalia, who was Mr. India Australia in 2014 and Sydney based Georgia Nicholas in lead roles. The background score and songs have been composed by India’s legendary composer Maestro Illayaraaja who has scored music for over 1000 feature films. This happens to be his first ever English language feature film for which he has composed original songs.

Launched on November 18 2016, for the online audience, the movie is available as paid content through

Since its launch it has been well appreciated the world over, garnering positive response.

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The Storyline

Krish aka Krishna lands in Australia, to prove to his father that he is indeed capable of learning all about business and life. He enrolls for an MBA program and struggles to adapt to the Australian ways. He has always been pampered by his mom back home in India. However the world now is different and he has to not only earn his own living but must also learn survival skills. Working in a grocery store, he meets Stacey an Australian co-worker. A school dropout from a broken family, Stacey falls in love with Krish and his honest ways. Krish soon falls in love too, with Stacey. He also manages to take a step towards achieving his business goals by getting an opportunity to start a new venture- a travel company. How does Krishna tackle the relationship? Do the cultural differences create problems between them? Is he able to prove to his father on his capability of running a business? Love and Love only is an intricate web and gamut of emotions and relationships.

Characters in the Movie

The movie stars Indian-Australian actor Rohit Kalia and Sydney-based actress Georgia Nicholas in the lead roles. The supporting cast includes Ambika Asthana, Sashi Dandekar and Suparna Mallick among others. Despite being new comers, the acting is realistic and, definitely on par with many big budget actors. Well expressed emotions, the lead pair have the right chemistry that is carried throughout the film.


Crisp direction keeps the movie fast paced. With a meaningful storyline, the director has been able to depict much more than just the romance in the tale. He has brought out the key differences between the two cultures, as well as the similarities that exist in the emotions of all humans. There is a gradual progression in the scenes, from the protagonist being a pampered momma’s boy, to his coming of age and becoming an independent hardworking man.


Illayaraaja’s music does justice to every bit of the emotion expressed in the movie. The original song of the movie “Am I in love” is soothing to listen, with a range of instruments adding melody, and meaningful lyrics. A perfect composition to suit the storyline. The background music is beautiful and up-lifting.

The movie was previewed at the International Film and Entertainment Festival of Australia last December where it received two awards (Best Musical Score and Best Direction).

For those who love light hearted meaningful romance, Love and Love only would be an enjoyable watch. If you are seeking a movie with some soul stirring music for your lazy Sunday afternoon, then this is surely the movie for you. Cuddle up with a loved one, sip that warm coffee and soak yourself in this brilliant cross culture film that’s definitely worth a watch.

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