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​The Original screenplay of "Love and Love Only" 

is NOW AVAILABLE as a Book and E-book through Amazon Worldwide.

"Love and Love Only" is a love story between a working class Australian girl and an International student from India, set in contemporary Australia, which is a microcosm of the modern, multicultural world.


LOVE is a universal feeling. Though the perception of Love differs across cultures, the deeper emotions and the need for love are universal throughout the human race. This story deals with those deeper needs and the effects of true love, from a cross-cultural perspective, that appeals to a wider audience across various cultures.

For those who are used to reading novels and novellas, reading a story in the screenplay format would be a new, enjoyable experience. While the format might be different, we guarantee that the emotional experience will be nothing short of a good story.

"Love and Love Only" received two awards at the International Film and Entertainment Festival of Australia 2015. 


Best Direction - Julian Karikalan 

Best Musical Score - Maestro Ilaiyaraaja

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Dear Julian, I was going to set the script aside until I had a little more time available but took a look at the first few pages and got caught up in it and read right through, no small testimony to your skill. You ask whether or not ‘this is something that the western audience would relate to’ given its cross-cultural aspects. My view is that there are only two kinds of movies: not cross-cultural romances and others but good movies and bad movies. Yours is clearly in the former category, and I say:Congratulations.

Richard Walter

Author, Educator, Screenwriter, Commentator, and Chairman of the University of California, Los Angeles graduate program in Screenwriting

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